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long time no update [ Feb-02-05 {.broken angel.} 8::02PM]
wow, its been awhile. where to start? school right now is pretty ok. i just got my report card, & i did really well. i got all A's and & C+. i was glad cause the C+ was in AP History, and for the first marking period it was a 72 and i pulled it up like, 7 points. i rock, man.

right now the most stressful thing is prom. i can't beleive that it's already a big burden and its ONLY february. blah! it sucks. but oh well, itll all be worth it, i hope.

man, i cant wait for the superbowl. how extremely random of me to bring up, but still. the eagles better win or i might.. i might, well. i wont do anything, but still, it would totally feed philadelphias' ego if we do, and that would be pretty freakin' awesome.

well that's all i have to say for now.

ps- if you want to re-do my journal and make it 'easier on the eyes' let me know. PLEASE.
(6) gotta learn to fly.

[ Sep-06-04 {.broken angel.} 3::55PM]
i am so full to the point of explosion. tacos+me=busted jean buttons. lol.

one more full day off and then school. im so excited *cough*

i just felt like updating out of boredom. whoa, im bored.

and .. im done.
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[ Sep-01-04 {.broken angel.} 4::24PM]
yeah so i was bored yesterday and decided to .. dye my hair? yes, the wacko that i am. i dyed it. check it outCollapse )

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[ Aug-30-04 {.broken angel.} 10::32AM]
[ mood | hot ]

me & sunburn dont mix. but hey, i have it, and it sucks.

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[ Aug-26-04 {.broken angel.} 2::07PM]
[ mood | annoyed ]

maria with curly hair?Collapse )

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[ Aug-04-04 {.broken angel.} 2::42AM]
i love zac hanson.

i felt as if this update was needed
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[ Jul-30-04 {.broken angel.} 1::24PM]
[ mood | annoyed ]

work work work and no money. what the heck in that about. okay okay, i dont work work work, but i work enough to make $220 & i still havnt seen a dime yet. they told me soon .. better be or i might have to .. yeah.

so today i was in a horrible mood. but .. there is an upside

-i finally found a radio that will play the underneath;hanson cd .. it skips but i want to listen to it. skipping it better then nothing.
-i have the hanson dvd. and i love it. ::sigh:: oh zac .. you're so hott. lol
-i think my moms getting my ticket to the concert today. yay. im so excited. [aug. 24 baby!]
-my dad is coming home for a week. cool beans.
-im going to put tanning lotion on because i lost my tan from not being down the shore .. & im going to work out because .. yeah.
-im in the midst of writting a song.
-i know how to play 'the walk' on the piano.

damn. im good. lol jk.


katie .. today by accident i typed omz .. lol it was funny.

(19) gotta learn to fly.

[ Jul-27-04 {.broken angel.} 9::55PM]
[ mood | chipper ]

OMG! i was just outside with my mom in the pouring rain trying to unclog the drain at the bottom of out drive way because water was coming into the house and the whole bottom of my pants got soaked so i took them off and im standing there in the rain in my underwear lol and then i just started running around in the rain jumping around lol. so then .. my neighbor comes over cause he saw us trying to fix the drain. nice way to see your neighbor .. soaked in your underwear. i thought it was funny but yea. it was.


(12) gotta learn to fly.

[ Jul-27-04 {.broken angel.} 6::06PM]
[ mood | hungry ]

today i woke up and realized that my back is hurting so bad. ugh. it hurts.
i didnt do much today but i did clean alot so hey, its better then nothing. oh, and i did a new layout to my journal. nothing flashy but its the hottness .. =)

no work today .. good thing. my back hurt too bad. dinner smells good. toquitos .. yum.


(4) gotta learn to fly.

[ Jul-26-04 {.broken angel.} 1::40AM]
no im not dead [like you cared anyway] i just havnt been updating since my keyboard broke =\ but dont fret kids, my mom bought a new one today so i will be updating more frequently .. dont all look too happy =D

ill update later
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[ Jul-22-04 {.broken angel.} 3::23AM]
[ mood | jubilant ]

i love hanson. and im screaming it loud and proud. yes .. you heard[saw] right. hanson. my respect grew for them when i watched this VH1 thing .. about how hard they had to struggle to even get out a CD. i mean seriously .. they're amazing..why wouldn't someone release their songs? thats crazy.
"you begin to start to doubt your own music"-zac
katie & steph came over. we just hung around. listening to music & taking nerdy pictures .. thenwhen steph left .. me & katie had like apiss party taking pictures..we were hysterical laughing. =) good times peeing ourselves. later on we watched a hanson concert [old school style]. =)
i think we're going to watch a newer one now .. oh man, you have to hear zac sing tight rope .. ugh .. there's not words to describe him .. he's just so .. zac.
sneak peekCollapse )

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[ Jul-21-04 {.broken angel.} 3::29PM]
guess what? "maria just wasnt cutting it"
ha .. what a joke. im so touched.
take it personal .. cause i did when you cheated on me
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[ Jul-19-04 {.broken angel.} 11::32AM]
[ mood | bored ]

comment anonymously saying anything you want to me. it could be something important or stupid i dont care. anything. i was bored & i want to read comments. so comment.

[edit]you people stink at this .. come on .. comment dammit.[/edit]

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[ Jul-18-04 {.broken angel.} 4::20PM]


britts community. all of you should join. now.


(4) gotta learn to fly.

happy birthday [ Jul-18-04 {.broken angel.} 3::59PM]
happy birthday rapko!!
you rock my socks on ice & you're my favorite pen pal. come to think of it .. you're my only pen pal, but hey, you're still the best!!

i love ya!
(2) gotta learn to fly.

[ Jul-15-04 {.broken angel.} 10::18PM]
[ mood | worried ]

might just be my new fav.Collapse )</lj-cut text="might just be my new fav."

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[ Jul-12-04 {.broken angel.} 7::13PM]
[ mood | cranky ]

im updating again like the loser that i am. so yes, this past weekend was fun, but full of random doings. we went to hang out with phil meg rich & shawn .. random. we went to the aquarium .. random again & i went swimming alot..again, random. i dont know. it was fun though.
today we didnt do anything. we watched the titanic though, it was quite sad. i dont know, today was one of those days where anything could make me upset. i almost cried watching the titanic. what a loser. but yeah, it was pretty good.
the rain was such craziness today. it was like a mansoon. its so gloomy outside, but it hasnt rained in awhile, i wish it would thunder & lightening. that would be awesome. =) but only when its dark out.
i beleived you cause i loved you more than life
tomorrow i have work. it sounds so stupid but i really look forward to it. i dont do much, but its still fun. =P
well i guess its enough for the second update today.

(4) gotta learn to fly.

[ Jul-12-04 {.broken angel.} 12::26AM]
[ mood | since im dehydrated .. ]

this weekend: friday went to britts house. we went to target to get britt new makeup &we bought fake nails cause we're losers. haha. we hung out with phil rich megan & shawn. good times at krispy kremes. yum.
saturday went to the aquarium for lindsays birthday with mike britt &allee. my first time the el[&allee's]. woo hoo, im a big kid now! =) the ferry was coolness, and it was really nice out. we saw the sharks & stuff ::shudder:: yikes, thats why i dont go in the ocean. britt & allee pet sharks and stuff, yeah right i wouldnt go near that stuff. sting rays & all..creep me out. i had fun though.

i am officially jelous of lindsay and mike. just thought i'd let everyone know. =P

saturday night me britt & allee babysat britts boss' kids. they were so good & they had an inground pool which was a big +. it was fun stuff. we all talked about whatever, it was good times. i missed that.

this morning, or this afternoon when we decided to quit being bums and wake up at 12, britt made french toast =). and then we went to britts grandmoms house to swim again[more inground pools]. phil came, but he was all quiet all day. we just swam and ate .. the usual. it was fun. we didnt do much since then. but i must admit, the shower at britts house was quite refreshing considering i was a big dirtball all weekend since we were running around and being busy. oh well.

well good night/good morning.

(14) gotta learn to fly.

[ Jul-09-04 {.broken angel.} 11::06PM]
oh kimberly! i fixed it =)
no worries.


[ Jul-09-04 {.broken angel.} 3::39PM]
[ mood | confused ]

can you look at my layout and please tell me how to get the yellow out of here? i looked thru all the codes and there is no yellow #. i dont understand how to fix it. please help....

(5) gotta learn to fly.

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